Executive Health Coaching

Are you tired of not being in peak state and a health to be proud of?

I will open up for a unique possibility for you to get coached by me personally! This is a limited opportunity during a limited time!
If the following description feels perfect for you, then you should sign up as fast as possible since I will only take on a handful of people to coach.
- Health analyze / Life balance check
- Health test
- Stress management
- Nutrition coaching
- Mindset coaching
- Exercise coaching
- Sleep coaching
- Healthy Leadership planning

We will have a coaching session (online) one a week for about an hour. The minimum time frame is 3 months.
You will get hands-on-coaching with a straightforward approach and we will make immediate changes and make sure that you have established patterns and behaviors that will create that health quality and life balance you have always wanted.

Contact me directly for further information and details.