The Health and Performance Coach

With more than 27 years as a health and performance coach, and with more than 15 years as a business performance coach, Ronnys track record speaks for itself.

Ronny has coached, mentored and helped thousands of people mainly in the Scandinavian countries to perform better or to optimise their health. As a teacher and author Ronny has also been an important authority to spread knowledge that has improved so many lives.

For the past 15 years

Ronny has created a substantial business within the concept of network marketing. “When I was first introduced to this business I saw a company and an industry where I could succeed. What's more, I saw a support system that would help me achieve my goals, reward me for my hard work and, and also how I could help others reach their full potential and go for their dreams.

What I have experienced over the past fifteen years has been nothing short of incredible and the company exceeds my expectations day after day. It has not only enabled me to create the life of my dreams but it has helped me develop into the person I am today."


I have in recent years collaborated with Coach and health/fitness specialist Ronny Kvist. If you get the opportunity, I would recommend anyone to take advantage of Ronny´s incredible knowledge of health and business. Very talented, humorous, with a twinkle in his eye and captivating lecturer. Amazing ability to renew and follow up his audience.

Ronny´s book "Health in a nutshell" I myself have used in my work, and recommend my colleagues to read.
So if you want a better understanding of internal and external health - be your own best edition and setting goals, building brick by brick ... yes, then you should get in contact with Ronny.

Thank you my friend!

Global business builder
Torun Nordskaug

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The Health and Performance Coach