Starting your own business after 50?

Faced with poor job prospects but with money to invest, many are doing it alone.

Age discrimination does not exist when you are your own boss. The growth in self-employment since 2000 has been fuelled by the over-50s who are finding it increasingly hard to find full-time work. With the sheer number of baby-boomers now approaching retirement age, the era of the “olderpreneur” is upon us.

Age may have dimmed their employment prospects, but older people often have the financial firepower to start up their own businesses — with the potential to embark upon a second career, doing something that they always wanted to do.

When you combine this with the increasing numbers of 50+ wanting to stay in shape, aiming for the anti-aging possibility, I think it´s a perfect match! Personally, I have been self employed for over 25 years and I have never seen so many 50+ being curious and interested in the opportunity that I am offering.