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Welcome to Ronny Kvist

Ronny is a fast growing leader within the network marketing and health industry, having one of the fastest growing networks in Scandinavia and are also expanding globally with a business in more than 17 countries. His extraordinary story has, for the past 27 years, seen him go from working in the sports and fitness field to changing the lives of hundreds of people thanks to work ethic, vision and philosophy.

Presented an opportunity in 1999 to look at an american based health and nutrition company, whilst working in the health and performance field, Ronny had the belief that he could create the life of his dreams. The journey that followed has been inspiring and ever expanding.

Recognised as one of the great leaders and trainers, both within his company as well as the wider business and health professional world, Ronny has achieved his own goals and helping many others achieving their own goals on their journeys to success. Working with individuals, groups and organisations Ronny has coached, mentored and inspired thousands of others to achieve the lives and improved health they have always wanted. A renowned public speaker, experienced business man, published author, global business coach and health/performance authority Ronny believes that we can all achieve greatness if we have the right mindset and are willing to do the work.

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Ronny´s Business, Your Business, Your Choice