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Welcome to Ronny Kvist

Ronny´s passion for helping people to reach their full potential shows off very clearly in everything he does. From the early years, in the beginning of the 90´s, it was all about sports and exercise physiology, but today, he is mostly working as an inspirational speaker and as a coach in the health industry.

Ronny´s burning desire to guide people and to inspire, through workshops or speaking sessions, is not hard to see. More than once, the audience reaction is the following: "he leaves no one untouched".

Ronny stands firm in his two main areas of business:
1. As a professional speaker with an experience for more than 20 years, in more than 15 countries and with an audience of a few up to over 12000 people. He does it very well in English or in Swedish and he has been growing in popularity for every year. Recently, he got nominated as one of the top 100 most popular speakers in Sweden!

2. As an entrepreneur in the health industry, Ronny has built an organization of thousands of people in more than 27 countries and has achieved numerous important business goals during the 19 years in the business.

Ronny has been recognized as one of the great leaders and trainers, both within his company as well as the wider business and health professional world. He has reached his own goals by helping people on their journeys to success and or with their health. Working with individuals, groups, and organizations, he has coached, mentored and inspired thousands of others. A renowned public speaker, an experienced businessman, published author, global business coach and health/performance authority, Ronny believes that we can all achieve greatness if we have the right mindset and are willing to do the work.

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